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      Ik0n Trios Champions to be crowned on Season 3 Episode 1 of CWF's Warzone (details inside with sign up thread!)
      RJStewart · 03/18/2024
      As it was revealed at the end of the CWF Vanguard Preshow for Urban Warfare, the CWF will be hosting the Ik0n Trios Titles on Season 3 Episode 1 of Warzone. 
      We’re looking to see who would be wanting to take part in a little event to crown the inaugural Ik0n Trios Titles. And we know that a certain faction in the CWF is already claiming them as their own, just need to hand them to them… the Bastards. 
      Now OOCly, I’ve offered and been granted to run the division as a whole, with this being the first of what will hopefully be many options for these titles. 
      So what are we looking for? TRIOS TEAMS/FACTIONS/STABLES… you name it, put your name below. 
      And if you’re a free agent without a team and you’re interested, hey, post that too, what you might find is that others might want to form a team. 
      So lets get the boring parts out of the way. 
      Roleplays: This will be judged based on the fact that most of the handlers either own the team outright or have permission to use each other’s characters (example: the bastards all use each other’s characters freely and have been doing so for actually real life years, so they know each other’s characters). 
      So…. we’re looking at 1 rp per team to go with normal Ik0n standards. But if say a team is composed of 3 individuals on a Pick up group type thing, if you don’t trust others to write your character, post an rp. The final score for your team will be an AVERAGE if multiple rps are needed. 
      One guy can rp for a whole team, he posts a single rp that is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, a 7.5. He’s got a 7.5.  One team is composed of a tag team and a singles guy, and they decide to work together to forge an rp with all characters. They post it and it gets a score of 7.5… the team has a 7.5. Same thing, one tag team, one singles, but they don’t trust each other enough to get their characters right. So they post two rps. One gets a 7, one gets an 8. They have a 7.5 overall.  And a pick up group of 3 characters happens, and they post 3 rps which gets scored as a 7, an 8 and a 7.5. You guessed it… they have a 7.5 overall!  Judging: 
      This is a big deal for me. So one rep from each fed will be giving me the judging for all the rps. They will give me their judging with comments. The final scores will be averaged between all three judges for each rp, and then for each team. I’m going to be looking for volunteers for this tasking, as we might have a  couple of redheads or staff involved and we don’t want any issues to happen. Anyone who judges, know that judging comments can be given privately to individual teams, or publically if there is demand for it. I used to do this back in PTC for the Extreme Title division and just post all comments publically. It worked out pretty well.
      Question/Answers before they come up: 
      Q: what if someone’s judging just seems really off?
      A:Then we’ll be having a chat, and worst case, their judging gets tossed and we find someone else to do it. 
      Q: What about Ties
      A. Then we’ll see about doing a Board of Directors vote, or maybe ask a 4th person to come in and just between those tied teams, give us a yay or nay vote.Easy tie breaker.
      Format of the Match(s)
      The Bastards are already confirmed for this (why I keep bringing them up, but I’m not one of them).
      Well, easy, if we can get one other team… it’ll be one match which will be on the First Episode of Warzone for Season 3( Warzone S3E1).
      If we can get 3 other teams, two qualifiers in a standard tourney. Any qualifiers for this type or others will occur on the First Episode of Vanguard (Vanguard S3E1).
      If we get 7 more teams, just bump the tourney down one more level (4 qualifiers, 2 semi finals, 1 final). 
      If we get something in between… might go with a round robin double elimination, or whatever works. More details to come based on how many sign up.
      The CWF writes out all of our matches, and yes, we’re asking you to basically be mean to us and sign up a lot of teams, so we have lots of qualifier matches.
      Sign up: Now till I get up and check the forums the morning of 3/24/24 (gives us a day to get format finalized and get ready for posting our next card on the following day)

      RPing Period:  CWF’s rp period will be Monday, 3/25 to Sunday Evening 4/7.
      Note on RP Deadline: We use 11:59:59 (23:59:59 for military/european types) PDT 
      Match and show writing: 4/8 to 4/12 for Vanguard, the rest of the time to 4/15 for Warzone.
      So who wants to form a trios team and go for the Ik0n Trios Championships?
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      Legacy Championship Tournament Lineup
      Feigel · 03/04/2024
      Asylum Wrestling Society Announces Legacy Championship Tournament Lineup
      Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) is proud to announce the lineup for its highly anticipated Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) Legacy Championship Tournament, set to take place on March 25th at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. This tournament will showcase some of the most talented and exciting wrestlers in the industry, vying for the prestigious Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) Legacy Championship title.
      The tournament will feature four electrifying matches, each promising high-octane action and thrilling athleticism. The lineup includes:
      ·         AJ Flare vs. Ace Sky
      ·         Miguel Lanza vs. Drake Nygma
      ·         Kordell Graves vs. Mason Hurst
      ·         Dini Sorkin vs. Abbigail Dresden
      These matches are sure to be must-see events for wrestling fans everywhere, as these competitors leave it all in the ring in pursuit of championship glory.
      "We are thrilled to present such an incredible lineup for the Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) Legacy Championship Tournament," said AWS Founder, Charlie Feigel. "These athletes are some of the best in the world, and we can't wait to see who will emerge victorious and etch their name in Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) history as the Legacy Champion."
      The Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) Legacy Championship Tournament will be broadcast live on Alpha-One Network, allowing fans from around the world to witness the action-packed event. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased through the AWS website or at the Royal Albert Hall box office.
      Don't miss your chance to be a part of history and witness the birth of a new champion at the Asylum Wrestling Society's Legacy Championship Tournament on March 25th. Join us for an unforgettable night of wrestling excellence!
      About Asylum Wrestling Society: Asylum Wrestling Society is a premier professional wrestling organization dedicated to delivering high-energy, action-packed entertainment to fans around the world. With a roster of talented athletes and a commitment to excellence, AWS continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of professional wrestling.
      For media inquiries, please contact:
      Emily Thompson
      AWS Media Relations
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      AWS Returns Home to AWSEFED.com
      Feigel · 02/27/2024
      Asylum Wrestling Society Returns Home to AWSEFED.com
      [London, England, 02/27/2024] - Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) is excited to announce its return to its original website address, AWSEFED.com, effective immediately. This move marks a significant milestone for AWS as it continues to grow and expand its reach in the world of professional wrestling.
      Founded by Charlie Feigel, AWS has established itself as a premier destination for wrestling fans, offering high-quality entertainment and a platform for talented wrestlers to showcase their skills. With this move back to AWSEFED.com, AWS aims to enhance its online presence and provide fans with a more immersive and engaging experience.
      "We are thrilled to return to our original website address at AWSEFED.com," said Charlie Feigel, Founder of Asylum Wrestling Society. "This move not only reaffirms our commitment to our fans but also allows us to better connect with our audience and provide them with the best possible experience."
      As part of the move, AWS has revamped its website to offer a more user-friendly interface, enhanced streaming capabilities, and exclusive content for its dedicated fans. The new AWSEFED.com will serve as the hub for all things AWS, including upcoming events, wrestler profiles, merchandise, and more.
      "We believe that this move will help us further establish AWS as a leading brand in professional wrestling," added Feigel. "We are excited about the future of AWS and look forward to continuing to entertain our fans for years to come."
      For more information about Asylum Wrestling Society and to stay updated on the latest news and events, visit AWSEFED.com.
      About Asylum Wrestling Society:
      Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) is a professional wrestling promotion founded by Charlie Feigel. With a focus on delivering high-quality entertainment, AWS has quickly become a fan favorite, showcasing some of the most talented wrestlers in the industry. For more information, visit AWSEFED.com.
      Charlie Feigel
      Founder, Asylum Wrestling Society
      [End of Press Release]
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